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Watch Netflix in Linux

I had watched TV shows on Hulu for a simple reason that it's Flash-based so I could watch it in Linux. One thing I did't like about Hulu is its high-frequency of ads. Netflix has fewer ads but it builds its business on Silverlight plugin, which is generally exclusive for Windows and Mac OS. I've never imagined that I could be able to watch movies in Linux until I found Pipelight.

Pipelight is a very smart project that makes use of Wine to make Silverlight work in Linux web browser. The website of Pipelight has provides a very complete documentation on the installation for various Linux distributions. For me the installation for Fedora 19 was a breezy. Of course, you also need some Firefox plugin to make Netflix believe you are using Windows Firefox. When you first load Pipelight, Wine will automatically configure everything including downloading Silverlight. I like this plugin so much. I don't think I will upgrade to Fedora 20 until Pipelight for that version is available.

Only one thing I found worth mentioning this time is the update. If your Linux distribution updates the version of Wine and your Pipelight doesn't work, my solution is to completely remove Wine and Pipelight and then reinstall them.

You can how Netflix looks like in my Linux Firefox: alt